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  • Competitive sized swimming pool
  • (2) racquetball courts
  • Fully equipped fitness room (18 or older)
  • Basketball Court
  • Indoor walking track
  • Sauna (18 or order)


Membership applications may be printed HERE or obtained at the front desk.
All applications should be completed and returned with full payment or a signed, one-year contract to the front desk staff. A monthly payment option is available with a minimal monthly handling fee & by BANK DRAFT option only (will need a voided check). All members are subject to the rules and regulations governing the Eufaula Parks and Recreation Department (see below).

*Children must be 16 or older to enter the facility without an adult (must be 18 or older to enter the fitness room or a MEMBER, SUPERVISED BY A PARENT.)
* Corporate rates are available for employees of businesses that meet certain requirements. Persons requesting corporate rates must provide valid company identification.

A military discount is available after providing proper military identification.

Family - $360/year (includes parents/guardians & children under the age of 21, unless a full-time college student)
Single - $240/year
Senior (over 60) - $180/year
Senior Couple - $240/year
Corporate Family * - $330/year
Corporate Individual * - $210/year

Family - $32/mo. (includes parents/guardians & children under the age of 21, unless a full-time college student)
Single/Senior Couple - $22/mo.
Senior Individual - $17/mo.
Corporate Family * - $29.50/mo.
Corporate Single * - $19.50/mo.
A monthly payment plan is available with a 12-month contract, a nominal handling fee and by BANK DRAFT ONLY. You must bring a voided check to start your bank draft. By signing a monthly contract you understand that you are entering into a binding contract and you agree to pay the contract in full, regardless of your failure to regularly attend and utilize the facilities.

If you're unsure if a yearly membership best fits your needs, visit us with a day pass:
17 & under - $4.00
18 and over - $5.00
Coupon Book (15 visits) - $38.00
Certain times of the day are designated for members only. See our ECC Facilities page for public visit times. 

Your health care benefits may include an incentive for a fitness program. If so, you may qualify for a free membership to our facility. Call the number on the back of your health insurance card and ask if this is part of your benefits package. If you need further assistance with this, please don't hesitate to call us at (334) 687-1246.

Sign up for a new membership at the ECC & get a TRY IT FREE punch card!! 
Choose from:
*Personal Training
Cardio, Strength & Core (CSC)
Water Aerobics 

Up to 2 free visits allowed in the same program.
*Only 1 free personal training session allowed.
For more info on the above fitness classes & all others offered at the ECC, click HERE.

The Eufaula Community Center offers a variety of interests to the community. While we want everyone to enjoy him/herself, safety is a top priority for us. A membership card or daily use fee is required to enter the facility unless enrolled in a special program. Listed below you will find safety rules for each area of the community center.

General Areas
Must be 16 years or older to enter the facility without an adult (Fitness room-must be 18 or older to enter OR a MEMBER, supervised by a PARENT.) If 15 years and younger, must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older who accepts full responsibility for minor.

- No loitering - all persons in the facility must be using a specific area.
- Shoes, shirts and pants/skirts/shorts must be worn in ALL areas except when in the aquatics area.
- Undergarments should not be visible!

- Shirts, athletic shoes and protective eye wear must be worn at all times.
- Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied or supervised by an adult 18 years or older.
- Racquetball courts are reserved for 1-hour increments; these time limits will be enforced if someone is waiting.

Community Room
- Children under the age of 16 permitted only with an adult.
- Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
- Foul language will result in removal from the facility.
- When participating in athletic events, athletic shoes must be worn.
- Full court play only when permitted by staff.
- Dunking or hanging on the goals is not permitted!

Upper Track/Community Room
- Standing or stopping on the track is prohibited unless it is an emergency.
- No sprinting during heavy use hours.
- Strollers are not permitted on upper track (must use lower track).
- Children under the age of 16 permitted only with an adult.
- Athletic shoes only.

Aquatics Area
Must be 16 years or older to enter the pool without an adult. If 15 years an younger, must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older who accepts full responsibility for minor (adult does not have to enter the water but must supervise pool-side).

- Listen to the lifeguards!
- Swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire - females must wear swimsuits - males must wear swim trunks with a drawstring and lining - no cut-offs or other clothing permitted while swimming in the pool unless for proven medical reasons.
- No squirt guns allowed.
- No inflatable life rings allowed. These are not safety devices & can be potentially dangerous.
- No arm floaties allowed. These deflate often & slide off the arms. If child is a non-swimmer & needs assistance, they may borrow ECC back-floats.
- No hard balls allowed.
- No diving!!
- No jumping from deck when pool is overcrowded.
- Personal noodles ARE allowed.
- Patrons must shower before entering the water.
- No one may enter the water with open sores.
- Running, horseplay, or profanity is not allowed.
- Food may not be taken into the aquatics area.
- Wet clothing is not allowed outside of the aquatics area.
- Shoes and shirt required before leaving the aquatics area.
- Children under the age of 2 must wear a swim diaper (these are not provided).

Fitness Room
- Must be 18 years or older to enter OR a MEMBER, supervised by a PARENT.
- Food or glass containers are not permitted in the fitness room.
- No slamming or dropping weight stacks or hand weights.
- Proper attire is required - shirts, shorts or sweats, and shoes.
- Anyone found abusing the equipment will be asked to leave.

Every person using the Eufaula Community Center must abide by appropriate behavioral standards, rules and policies set forth by the Parks and Recreation Department. All violations of the standards, rules and policies of the department should be reported to the appropriate staff. Each situation will be handled individually and, in all cases, the participant will be allowed to present their case.